[R5907 : page 165]


"Thine eyes shall see the King! The very same
Whose love shone forth upon the curseful tree,
Who bore thy guilt, who calleth thee by name;
Thine eyes shall see!

"Thine eyes shall see the King! The Mighty One,
The Many-crowned, the Light-enrobed; and He
Shall bid thee share the Kingdom He hath won;
Thine eyes shall see!

"And in His beauty! Stay thee, mortal song,
The 'altogether lovely' One must be
Unspeakable in glory--yet ere long
Thine eyes shall see!

"Yes! though the land be 'very far' away,
A step, a moment, ends the toil for thee;
Then changing grief for gladness, night for day,
Thine eyes shall see!"