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"Who loved me, and gave himself for me."--
Gal. 2:10.

Three little sunbeams, gilding all I see:
Three little chords, each full of melody;
Three little leaves, balm for my agony.
HE loved me, the Father's only Son;
He gave himself, the precious spotless One;
He shed his blood, and thus the work was done.
He LOVED, not merely pitied, here I rest;
Sorrow may come--I to his heart am pressed;
What should I fear while sheltered on his breast!
Wonder of wonders, Jesus loved ME!
Wretched--lest--ruined--sunk in misery.
He sought me--found me--raised me--set me

My soul, the order of the words approves--
Christ FIRST, me LAST, nothing between but
Lord, keep me always down, thyself above!

Trusting in thee, not struggling restlessly,
So shall I daily gain the victory.
I--"yet not I"--but "Christ"--"WHO LOVED
ME." --Selected.